Being a new small family operated business, at this time we are currently offering service to 40 ʻohana and as we grow, we will accept more clients in the coming months.

What areas do you service?

  • Haiku / anything east, past Huelo: meet up spot to be determined
  • Makawao
  • Paia
  • Pukalani
  • Kula / anything past Keokea: meet up spot to be determined
  • Kahului, Wailuku, Central Maui – Contact Us
  • South & Westside – Contact Us

How much does the Kōkua Diaper Service cost?

We provide two types of cloth diapers

  • Organic Cotton Prefold – $35.00 per week
  • Fitted Diaper – $44.00 per week
  • Ohana Discount – 50% off for additional diaper service(s) on the same account (Siblings, twins, multiples)
    • Each “Starter Kit” is designed for one child. If you have multiple children needing diaper service, you will be needing one “Starter Kit” for each child. Contact Us

How many diapers will I need for my child?

Pre-fold Diapers:

  • 4 – 7 lbs. Twee (preemie) | Available upon request, email
  • 7 – 16 lbs. Small (new born)  | 160 diapers (80 per week)
  • 16 – 20 lbs. Medium | 120 diapers (60 per week)
  • 20 – 35 lbs. Large | Available upon request, email

Fitted 1 Diapers:

  • 7 – 18 lbs. 140 diapers (70 per week)

Fitted 2 Diapers:

How do we sign-up for Kōkua Diaper Service?

  • Go to Kōkua’s “Diaper service” Page
  • To set up an account is easy. Need help…Contact Us or email us at
  • If you received a Makana/Gift for Kōkua Diaper service, enter your Makana/Gift passcode on the “Diaper service” Page. To ensure we get the ʻohana signed up for the appropriate diaper package, we ask that the parents or caregiver are the ones that do the signing-up.

Kōkua Diaper’s Makana/Gift Registry:

  • Kōkua Diaper Service makes a wonderful gift for an expecting ʻohana. To purchase a Makana/gift certificate go to “Makana/gift certificate“
  • When purchasing a Makana/gift certificate we will email a gift receipt that will include a Makana/Gift passcode. The expecting ʻohana will enter passcode when they set-up their service online on our “Diaper service” Page.

How soon should we sign up for Kōkua Diaper Service?

  • For Expecting Parents: You can sign up as far in advance as you’d like, as long as you give us 2 weeks to establish your account and prepare all your future diaper sets. We will then deliver you first set of diapers 8–10 days before your due date.
  • For Parents with children: Because we are a new small business and ʻohana operated the sizes we are offering at this time are “Small 7lbs-16lbs” and “Medium 16lbs-20lbs” and will be offering large sizes to clients as we grow in the coming months.
  • Upon first delivery you will have a 4 week grace period, to allow late coming Keiki, this means no weekly service charge will incur.
  • Once Keiki is home you MUST ACTIVATE your account. 
  • If you have not activated your account by the 5th week your account will be automatically activated and an additional $20.00 on time fee will be added.
  • We understand that there are special circumstances that your Keiki cannot come straight home. In this case please email us at and we will be happy to help you in anyway we can.
  • Who owns the diapers? We do. You are essentially renting the diapers as part of our diaper laundry service. When your Keiki grows out of one size, you’ll turn in that full set and we swap it out for the next size and so on till potty trained, at NO additional cost. Your previous set of diapers will be specially processed and sent off to its new ohana. Sustainability at its best!
  • Upon potty trained you will turn in all of the diapers back to us at final pickup.

How often and what time do we pick-up diapers?

  • We service your area one night a week between the hours of 8pm to 2am.
  • Just leave your dirty diapers out in a secure area before 8pm and we will swap them out for a clean fresh set.
  • We highly recommend that you set the alarm on your phone for your “swap nights” to avoid a missed pick-up.
  • Forgot to put your diapers out for pick up — No Problem! Just email us at and we’ll be happy to work out a location to make an exchange.
  • Diapers must be picked up once a week regardless on how many you use.
  • Our wash process is specially formulated using extremely hot temperatures and chemistry allowing us to maintain the cleanliness and longevity of our diapers.

Why is a “Secure Exchange Point” important to your service?

  • To ensure that your diapers get to your little one, it is important that you select a secure, accessible and dry area of your home that will be the permanent location for diaper pick-up and exchange.  When filling out your order, please make sure to let us know where your “Secure Exchange Point” will be.
  • Since we live on the beautiful island of Maui, we highly recommend that you place your bag of wet and soiled diapers in a bin with a secure top (like a plastic storage box) with the words diapers on it.
  • Suggested areas for your “Exchange Point”:
    • Somewhere under a roof or in an airtight bin with lid — carport, garage, lanai, front or back porch, laundry room, any shelter or container to protect the diapers from the elements.

For additional questions please feel free to email us at